Your business is not like your neighbour's and your energy needs are also different

Whatever your business, we help you save on your bill.

Personalised advice

We were founded during the liberalisation of the electricity market over 20 years ago. Our wide range of energy solutions sums up all this knowledge. Our team of professional experts can advise you on the most suitable solution for your business.

Your energy is always up to date

Access your consumption and bills from any device whenever you want. Manage your electricity and gas supplies online from anywhere in the world.

Is your electricity 100% green?

With Nexus Energía your electricity can be 100% green. You will contribute to the move towards the energy transition in Spain. Join the change with us!

Discover your personalised rate

Discover our wide range of energy products and bespoke complementary
services based on the needs of your business.


  • Fixed price
    Work with the stability and certainty of knowing in advance the price of the energy you consume.
  • Indexed price
    Buy energy at market price in the same way as large customers buy it.

Gas Natural

  • Fixed price
    Are you looking for stability and certainty? Avoid the volatility of the markets during the entire period of your contract.
  • Indexed price
    Looking for maximum long-term savings? Buy your energy at market price, just like large customers.

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Nexus Energía supports CEAGA and companies in our sector as part of our objective to be more environmentally sustainable by providing 100% green energy.


With this facility, we have taken an important step forward in making the energy at our plant more efficient. One more step forward in the future plans of Eurofragance committed to the environment.

Joan Pere Jiménez

Eurofragance Chief Operations Officer

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