Good energy

Since our foundation, we have promoted renewable energy: we are convinced of its potential to generate a cleaner, more affordable and stable energy model. As a key player in the energy market, we lead the energy transition involving our customers in the use of green energy, supporting the growth of self-consumption in Spain to optimise their energy efficiency and representing renewable energy plants in the market.

We work to make energy more understandable for everyone and we provide our customers with all our knowledge as well as innovative tools to help them better manage their consumption and optimise their energy expenditure.

We talk closely with our clients to understand all their needs and advise them with that personal touch. Walk with us together towards a fair energy transition to achieve the decarbonisation of the planet

Conscious consumption

Our future will be as sustainable as the energy that powers our homes and companies.

For this reason, we encourage our clients to consume 100% certified renewable energy.

Efficient energy use

The digitisation of society will double global energy demand in 2050. The same technologies that drive up energy consumption are our ally to make more efficient use of it and reduce it.

We have developed proprietary tools that help our customers understand their energy consumption and how to optimise it.

Representation of producers

There is a knack to producing renewable energy, be it solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass or biogas, and making it available to consumers.

With the aim of promoting the development of renewable energy, we accompany producers in the start-up and energy management of over 16,700 plants so they can optimise their performance.

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The journey is even better in good company

Demand and production of renewable energy must rise together to achieve the objectives of energy transition. Lead the change.