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    Esfera Luz is now Nexus Energía

    Esfera Luz, which belongs to the Nexus Energía Group, has taken a big step forward in joining the brand. It’s a perfectly normal step for us. During these last few years, by working with different brands, we may have given the impression of being separate companies when our actual situation as an organisation and as colleagues couldn’t be more different.
    We looked to the future and thought about our organisation as a Group. We decided that we had to keep going together: we are all Nexus.

    Nexus Energía

    Discover our new brand

    We are committed to sustainability

    We are convinced of the future potential of the energy sector and encourage our customers to commit to the sustainability and renewable energy of our products.

    We believe in transparency

    We have you in mind and offer the opportunity to manage your own energy with just a click at our customer area. Of course, we will support you all the way and resolve an queries.

    Innovation and quality

    We offer you a complete service, rates adapted to you, the opportunity to choose the source of your renewable energy and optimise your energy use with efficiency tools. Try it now!

    Discover good energy

    We are defined by good energy, which for us means:

    More understandable for everyone. That’s why we provide you with our best advice, with transparency and honesty.

    It’s adjusted to your real needs. So we put ourselves in your shoes to design personalised solutions.

    Efficient. That’s why we help you use energy in a more conscientious and efficient way, optimizing your energy expenses.

    Sustainable. That’s why we promote the development of renewable energies in order to provide a cleaner, affordable and stable energy model.

    Lo que piensan de nosotros

    Nuestros clientes

    If you want to pay for your exact energy use every month, this is your company. More importantly, you will help to contribute to the production of green energy: something that the big companies cannot offer.


    A customer for 3 years

    We’ve been with Nexus Energía for 3 years and we’ve got no complaints. So don’t doubt about switching if you want to change the world.

    Pablo García

    A customer for 3 years