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    Why Nexus Energía?

    Efficient consumption. With our technology you are up to date with your daily energy consumption in a transparent way.

    Responsible consumption. Our energy is 100% renewable. By choosing it, you contribute to the decarbonisation of society.

    Constant learning. We help you understand your energy use and give you tips to continue saving.

    The personal touch. We talk person to person and guide you in choosing the most suitable rate for you whenever you need it.

    Join the power of renewable energy hassle free

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    Turn on the light in your home and start enjoying your renewable energy.

    Meet our producers

    At Nexus Energía, we have been committed to promoting renewable energies for years. Back then there were just a few of us. But we have continued to grow and today we are the largest representative of photovoltaic energy producers in Spain.

    Choose from between 16,800 producers and help the one who most inspires you to keep their project alive.

    Get connected and make the change!

    Manage your energy use, adjust your power and check your bills. With our App you get personalised tips that help you save. Commit to green energy, check the CO2 you save and much, much more. Find out with just one click!

    Get connected and make the change!