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    Who powers our renewable energy

    Our network of over 16.700 renewable-energy producers are people who put their efforts into building a sustainable world.

    We are by their side and want you to be too.

    True stories

    Electricity with a name and surname

    If you want to pay for your exact energy use every month, this is your company. More importantly, you will help to contribute to the production of green energy: something that the big companies cannot offer.


    A customer for 3 years

    I joined the Nexus Energía project because it seemed the easiest way to use my own energy and get it to everyone else.

    Luís Letosa

    Villaroya del Campo, Zaragoza

    It’s not been easy making my family and friends see that increased electricity prices are not the fault of solar energy, which is now very cheap.

    Manuel de Castro

    Majadahonda, Madrid

    I’ve been committed to solar energy since 1999. I joined Nexus Energía to sell my clean energy directly to consumers.

    Rafael Montes

    Villarejo de Salvanes, Madrid

    Join good energy with Nexus!

    Become the change in a transparent way. You can do it online quickly and easily. Use renewable energy from day one! No need for works or the installation of panels.

    or call us for free on

    900 73 00 25
    Join good energy with Nexus!

    A more sustainable future is possible

    At Nexus Energía, we believe and work for a future in which society is powered solely by renewable energy, thus achieving the decarbonisation of the economy and a sustainable, cleaner future. Between all of us, we can change things and you can be a key part of that process. Can you help us?

    Support a producer near you

    On the one hand, when you join Nexus Energía, you help us increase the demand for renewable energy. On the other hand, we help producers market their renewable energy. With all this, we contribute to increasing the actual consumption of renewable energy in society. Do you want to be part of the change?

    How do we do it?

    As a Nexus Energía customer, when you enter your customer area, you can supporta renewable energy producer near you. This is how you support your community and the development of renewable energies. Would you like to help keep their project alive?

    Are you a producer? Want to find out more about us?

    If you want to boost the demand for renewable energies and help make the energy transition happen, join us and become part of this great family.

    Are you a producer? Want to find out more about us?