Nexus Energía and Humanitas Group promote solar self-consumption at their schools

Nexus Energía and Humanitas Group have signed an agreement this week for the installation of solar energy self-consumption at three of their schools in Madrid: Humanitas Bilingual School Tres Cantos; Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón and Colegio Legamar, in Leganés. This collaboration will enable the installation of photovoltaic panels for energy and economic savings in each of these schools, as well as heighten awareness amongst pupils and their families about self-consumption, how it works and its benefits.

Local mayors and the Directors of the Territorial Area of the Regional Department of Education, Jesús Moreno and José Carlos Fernández Borreguero (Tres Cantos), Ignacio Vázquez and Jorge de la Peña (Torrejón de Ardoz), and Santiago Llorente, (Leganés) attended the signing of the contracts between the energy marketer and the group of schools. They have all expressed once again their satisfaction in the commitment of education to green energy and have highlighted the importance of these initiatives in the field of education and the commitment of the Community of Madrid government to this.

Energy and economic savings from day one

The Nexus Energía self-consumption project will enable the generation of between 20% and 28% of the energy consumed by each of the Humanitas Group schools, and will reduce the CO2 emissions of the three schools by up to 84,100 kg/year, thus minimising their environmental footprint. Each photovoltaic facility will save 154,900 euros on the electricity bill in 25 years.

“We are very satisfied with this alliance that enables us to develop initiatives linked to our Educational Project and which meets the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). They are therefore part of the strategic planning of our schools, and we intend to develop actions that instill this awareness about energy sustainability in our pupils”, comments Jaime García, Humanitas Group President.

“We are very proud of being able to begin this journey together to promote green energy in schools and create awareness in young people about the importance of committing to a sustainable, safe and economically-competitive energy system. Committing to self-consumption is the best guarantee for increasing the generation of renewable energies and depending less on fluctuating electricity costs”, states Jon Macías, Nexus Energía Corporate Sales Director. “Our self-consumption model entails savings from the outset, enables the use of green energy and, at the end of the contract, the facilities will be given to the school”, he adds.

About Nexus Energía

Nexus Energía is a leading group in electricity and natural gas marketing and the representation of producers in the market, operating in Portugal and Mexico. It was founded in 2000 by a dozen local companies from all over Spain that were established in electricity distribution. The company supplies electricity and natural gas to over 32,000 homes and over 26,000 companies in Spain. With a team of over 190 employees, Nexus Energía Group manages 14 TWh and has an annual turnover of almost 1,000 million euros.

The company was a pioneer in the promotion of green energy and today is a leader in the representation of renewable energy produces, with over 17,500 plants. The company is committed to promoting energy sustainability and involving its customers in the change towards a new energy model, encouraging the consumption of renewable energies. Nexus Energía focuses on facilitating the use of green energy for individuals and companies and empowering them to use it in a responsible manner.


About the Humanitas Group

The HUMANITAS Group is made up of two newly-created state-assisted private schools located in Tres Cantos and Torrejón de Ardoz, both founded during the 2010-2011 school year. In 2019, the Legamar private school, founded in 1981, joined the Humanitas Group. All the schools are owned and managed by the Education y Sistemas Group.

The identity of our schools is based on the importance of forming free, mature, happy, responsible and critically-aware people, who can face up to the challenges of the society of today and the future through a methodological development based on the principles of active methodologies in which the teaching staff at all our schools are trained.

Our schools have the EFQM model +500 certification (Colegio Humanitas Bilingual School Tres cantos y Colegio Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón) and the EFQM model +300 certification (Colegio Legamar).